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Tour Itinerary :5 Day Swat Tour Package Kalam Malam Jabba Family Couple Tour

Swat Kalam Valley has become a popular destination for tourists due to its beauty . our swat tour package provide an opportunity to explore the valley’s natural beauty and learn about its culture through local guides. The swat tour package also include activities such as trekking, camping, bird watching, fishing and more. With these tour packages, visitors can truly experience the beauty of Swat Kalam Valley and make unforgettable memories!see list of swat Hotels 

Day 1: Islamabad – Swat  (260kms/4hrs)

We will depart from designated spot in Islamabad towards Swat. Passing through Via Swat Motorway  we will reach Swat. After check in at hotel, we will leave for Marghazar. We will visit the White Palace and after some photography we will move back to hotel and stay there for night.

Day 2: Swat  – Bahrain – Kalam (100kms/7-8hrs)

After breakfast, we will start travelling along the Swat River towards Kalam, the main attraction in upper Sawat Valley. En route we will make a short stop at Bahrain for lunch and then continue our journey to Kalam. We will check in to hotel and stay for night in Kalam.

Day 3: Kalam – Excursion Ushu & Lake Mahoodand (70kms/5-6hrs)

After breakfast we will leave for Ushu and Mahoodand Lake Excursion. Mahoodand is said to be one of the most scenic spots on earth and frequented by nature lovers for camping, hiking and trout fishing. After spending some time at Lake we drive back to Kalam and stay there for night.

Day 4: Kalam – Malamjaba (80kms/9hrs)

Explore Kalam valley then We will start driving back to Malamjbba  on arrival check in hotel .

Day 5: Malamjaba- Islamabad (280kms/9hrs)

Explore Malamjbba Ski Resort Chairlift and then drive back to islamabad or Drop in lahore at your location.End Swat tour package.or add more days to explore the swat valley

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Best Top10 famous Tourist Places and Visit In Swat Valley

1:  Kalam Valley

First and foremost is the Kalam Valley which is located at the distance of 99 km away from the Swat Valley. There are many attractions and places to visit in the Kalam, covering a wide area which is just waiting for you to explore! Perhaps Kalam valley is the most famous gem of a place to visit in swat. . Some of the notable place to visit within Kalam is of Matiltan, Usho, Utror, and Gabral, each has its own significanceThere are breathtaking lakes, soaring mountains, picturesque valleys, green lush forests, and other natural attractions in Kalam. These wonders of nature make Kalam the most beautiful place to visit on everyone’s list when they are in swat.

2: Kumrat Valley

Next on the list is the Kumrat Valley, which is almost 9 hours’ drive from the Islamabad and can be reached in one hour drive from Swat. Kumrat Valley falls in the Upper Dir District, just opposite to the Gabral and offers some of the most amazing locations. Above all, there is the abundance of streams and waterfalls here. The ideal location for base camping but if you are not comfortable with camping then there are some resorts and hotel after 3 hours trekking down the town. Every night falls with more relaxing and serenity in the lap of earth.  Do Kala Chashma Lake, Jahaz Banda, Jandrai, trek to Katora Lake, Kalkot Banda, Badagoi Pass are some of the most visited places of Kumr

3: Madyan Valley

One of the most popular hill stations of Swat is Madyan. The hill station is preferable for the tourist because of the Swat River and its surrounding. The whole area offers the panoramic views of the valley along with the pleasant atmosphere. Tourist love to visit Madyan because of its delicious mouthwatering trout fish and amazing weather even in hot summer. The fluvial Swat River capture more of the tourist to this hill station. Several hotels serve their lavish services in Madyan.

4: Bahrain Valley

Bahrain considered being as a riverside hill station. As the name revealed it is about two different river merging at one place. There are a number of hotels for the tourist so one can stay for the night and enjoy the cool breeze of Daral and Swat Rivers. Moreover, it also serves as a base camp for the trail that leads to the Daral & Saidgai lakes. The climate is slightly warm in summers, but a must visit place in Swat.

5 :Marghuzar Swat 

Moving in Swat valley, we will encounter the famous Marghuzar, a small village of Swat. Marghuzar own a strong historical significance because of White Marble Palace, a residence of Royal family of Swat. In the early 1940’s, Wali-e-Swat Jahanzeb built this palace. For some time, the residence was the summer resort of Wali-e-Swat later the palace serves as a hotel till today. A night view at White Palace is another amazing experience.

Shingardar, a town of Swat holds its significance because of different Buddhist Stupas and monument in town. One of the most important is the Ghalegay Stupa, the immense Stupa is located alongside the Swat River. Moreover, almost 3 km away from Barrikot village and 14 km away from Mingora.

6: Mahudand Lake

Mahudand Lake is also a must visit the place of Swat, The glacial alpine lake is located in Usho Valley of Kalam. The richly green meadows encircled the lake at an elevation of 9,603 ft. the immense Hindu Kush peaks provide a complete backdrop with green meadows for the tourist for camping. The best time to visit the lake is of midsummer because the lake is frozen in winter and inaccessible due to road blockage. Above all, here you will find different species of flora and fauna with enormous fishes. No doubt, the best place for allocating a whole day.

7:  Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is exclusively one ski resort in Pakistan. Located at the distance of 314 km away from Islamabad and 51 km from Saidu Sharif Airport. The most famous hill station of Swat Valley alongside Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Moreover, the road to Malam Jabba is entirely curved but the adventure lovers visit the place for skiing with full zest. Above all, this wonderful ski slope enclosed by dense forest. Additionally, Malam Jabba Resort has its own class in Pakistan with mega facilities for winter sporting and adventure tourism. The magnificent outlook of mighty mountain range attracts many tourists for its amazing treks. Skiers who came to Pakistan for International Alpine Ski Cup, declare Malam Jabba as a Skier’s paradise.

8: Kundol Lake

In between the gigantic mountain of the Hindu Kush Mountains, there lies a beautiful lake of Kundol that attracts thousands of tourist. The lake is encircled with snow clad mountains with lush green forest, located in the north of Utror Valley. Tourist finds a great for camping beside the lake because of the trees and enjoy the amazing weather and capture the night view in their lenses. Additionally, the lake is at the elevation of 9,950 ft. the best time to visit the lake is of summer when you can enjoy fishing and boating. Whereas, in winters the roads to the lake are blocked due to heavy snowfall.

9: Saifullah Lake

In the mesmerizing valley of KalamSaifullah Lake is one major source of the tourist attraction for Kalam Valley. In between the gigantic mountains, the green water lake has its own worth for the nature lovers. Tourist love to sit in the atmosphere full of amazing views. Also, the best place for trout fishing.

10:Jarogo Waterfall

Swat, a land of waterfalls and streams, Jarogo Waterfall is the highest waterfall of Pakistan. As the water falling down cover the area of 120 meters. This spectacular waterfall capture less tourist because of its hidden pathways.

 11 :Gabin Jabba :

Gabin Jabba means the “Honey Marshes” is located 59km (37miles) from Mingora in Swat Valley. At the elevation of 2582m (8471ft), Gabin Jabba can be reached in Approx. 1 h 46 min of travel from Mingora city and in around 5 hrs at a distance of 389 km (241 miles) from Islamabad in Pakistan

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