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Sikh Yatra Pilgrimage Tour Pakistan

The divine aura of Nanakana Sahib will entrance you—born here was Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism. Then there’s Kirtar Pur—a serene spot where Guru Nanak spent his final years crystallizing spiritual wisdom into uplifting hymns for humanity. The journey continues to Panja Shahib—known for the impression of Guru Nanak’s hand on a boulder—an unfading testament to spiritual fortitude against aggression.

Discover the mesmerizing peace of Sikh Yatra tours. These spiritual odysseys in Pakistan offer devout Sikhs and curious explorers a vivid canvas, painted with profound history and rich culture. Originating from the USA and Canada, these journeys take you to notable Gurdwaras—the Nanakana Sahib, Kirtar Pur, and Panja Sahib—each symbolizing different chapters of Sikh history.

Indulge in Pakistani Yatra not only as a pilgrimage but also a voyage through fascinating tales deeply etched into sacred walls and peaceful courtyards. A multi-dimensional experience that blends spirituality, history, fellowship – an unforgettable expedition from North America towards enlightenment.

Pakistani yatra tour package for nankana shahib kurtar pur

Pakistan Gurdwara yatra Tour  Kortar Pur Shahib ji ,Nankana Sahib ji,Sacha Sodha and Punja Shahib shahib Hassanabdal.and ahore .Every year thousands of Sikh yatris come to pakistan for pilgrimage purpose

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