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Hotels In Naran

Afaq hotel naran

Afaq Hotel Naran

Adress:Naran Bypass, Back of PSO Petrol Pump Naran,

Afaq Hotel Naran is located in the center of naran  main bazar. a standard level best family hotel. The hotel features rooms with balconies, a dining area, a setting space, and a continental breakfast for its guests.

Arcadian Peridot Hotel

Arcadian Peridot Hotel-Naran

Jheel road, Saiful Maluk, Nārān, Pakistan

Arcadian has located its Peridot hotel in the outskirts of Naran, on the road to Saif-ul-Maluk. Sitting at one of the highest points of the town, the hotel offers uninterrupted views of the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Arcadian Riverside Resort Khanian

Mansehra - Naran - Jalkhad - Chilas Rd, Khanian, Nārān

Just a few hours’ drive from Islamabad, the Arcadian Riverside Resort at Khanian is set in the breathtakingly beautiful Kaghan Valley, with its emerald-green mountainsides, dramatic rock faces and cooling pine forests.

Centurion Hotel Naran

Centurion Hotel Naran

WM42+CQG post office, Naran, Mansehra, Kpk

centurion hotel naran one of the  best hotel. it's toward bypass, back side of main bazar, osum view. Moreover, you can just climb down to the main bazar  Just 2 Min. prices are  reasonable and rooms are very good.

Cloud Way Hotel Naran

Cloud Way Hotel Naran

Jheel Road, Cloud Way Hotel Naran KPK

Cloud Way Hotel Rooms are fully equipped with basic facilities with reasonable price rate. The hotel also offers an adventure Sports that will add more twist to your holidays, Badminton, and outdoor BBQ / Picnic Area.

Creek Hotel Naran

Creek Hotel Naran

Naran Bypass Road, 21200 Nārān, Pakistan

Naran Creek is a new addition to premium hotels in Naran for your Family Holiday Honeymoon Leisure summer Vocations  adventures in the valley.It offers quality amenities and services.located at a prime location

Hotel Demanchi Naran

De Manche Hotel Naran

Naran Bypass Road,Naran - Jalkhad - Chilas Rd, Naran, KPK

One Of the Best Hotel In Naran There is everything necessary in the family room for living there comfortable Visit a restaurant nearby with a diverse menu. The front desk works round the clock. There is a parking lot

eden hotel-naran

Eden Hotel Naran

Naran Bazar,Naran - Jalkhad - Chilas Rd, Naran Kpk

Hotel Eden is 2 star lodging its the spot where you can stay in shoddy cost and profit the offices of the great inn and appreciate the time. offer our guests the utmost in comfort with 30 decorated Rooms, 2 Restaurants, 2 Banquet

Grand Heritage Hotel Naran

Adress:N-15, Naran- Chilas-Rd Naran,Mansehra,Kpk

The Grand Heritage Hotel lives up to its name and provides its guests with a grand stay in the scenic Naran Valley. The rooms are furnished with the latest luxurious furniture and the staff is responsive and efficient.

Heritage Huts Naran

Heritage Huts Naran

Address: Near PTDC, Naran, Mansehra,Kpk

Heritage huts takes pride in being one of the most affordable yet classic hotels in Naran, offering quality amenities and services .The hotel features well-decorated rooms, a common kitchen, a garden, and open space

Hotel Belmont Naran

Hotel Belmont Naran

Saiful Muluk Rd, Katha, Naran, Mansehra, Kpk

Hotel Belmont Naran is located in Naran. The hotel features rooms with a setting area, and balcony with the view of mountains, and includes all basic amenities. Best Family Hotel with colorful room.

Hotel Emerald Crown

Hotel Emerald Crown Naran

Main Bazaar Road, Naran, Kpk, Pakistan

Emerald Crown, Luxury hotel with International standards, overlooking the panoramic view of the Naran Valley, and provides you the finest room. Best Location, Family environment, Reasonable rates.

Hotel Home Naran

Hotel Home Naran

Address: Bypass Road،, Naran, Mansehra

The Ultimate Luxury Hotel with state of the art Hotel Home in Naran  and stands apart for its luxurious furnishings and immaculate services. Located right in the heart of Naran Nearby Restaurant& Bazar

hotel one in naran

Hotel One Naran

Main Bypass Road, 21200 Nārān, Pakistan

3 stars Hotel One Naran is ideally situated at Main Bypass Road in Nārān. Hotel  takes pride in being one of the most affordable yet classic hotels in Naran, offering quality amenities and services.

hummingbird Hotel batakundi

Hummingbird Resort Batakundi

Address: WQGH+XGR, Batakundi, Mansehra, Kpk

Hummingbird Resort Located on main Chilaas road of Batakundi Luxury Suite Rooms! Luxurious &Breathtaking views.resort is the perfect destination to wind down & embrace the beauty of the valley.

Jumeirah Gold Hotel Naran

Jumeirah Gold Hotel Naran

Adress:Naran Bypass Road Jumeirah Naran Bypass Road, Naran

A luxurious hotel with international standard services provided for the customers. The services varied from standard to deluxe up to tourist demand. Providing all the amenities with highly qualified staff to guide you

Kunhar View Hotel Naran

Kunhar View Hotel offers 2-star accommodations with private balconies.The Kunhar View Hotel is rated 4/5 stars and is popular among customers for its cooperative staff and location as it’s close to many restaurants. 

Lalazar Hotel Naran

Main Bazar Naran, Mansehra, KPK

Lalazar Naran Hotel Located in the center of Naran Bazar and close proximity to the main tourist attraction, Lake Saif Ul Mulook. The rooms are styled elegantly and furnished very well. 48 rooms and best valley views

Magnum Hotel batakundi

Magnum Hotel Batakundi Naran

Main Bazar, Near Jamia Masjid, Batakundi, Naran

It is an extremely characteristic and lively area. This comfortable Magnum Hotel Batakundi hotel 20 km from naran offers a convenient location, ideal for Summer Holiday Family Vocations  or pleasure.

Maisonette Hotels & Resorts Naran

Maisonette Hotel Naran

Naran By pass to Jheel Road Naran Kpk

Maisonette hotel in Naran offers a luxury comfy stay with a cosy atmosphere in the harsh weather of Naran The interior of the hotel is one of its own kind with a large number of rooms that range from deluxe to economy

Manila Heights Naran

N-15, Naran-Chilas Rd 21300,Naran

The hotel Naran itself is beautifully designed, with comfortable rooms and all your amenities for a relaxing stay. Whether you're looking for a romantic break or a family holiday,Manila Heights Hotel & Restaurant is a perfect choice


Millennium Inn Hotel Naran

Naran Bypass Road,Naran - Jalkhad - Chilas Rd, Naran

Millennium Hotel, A Modern Hotel In the Heart of Naran, is one of the better hotels in Naran.Offers well furnished, clean and spacious rooms.Stay at this 3-star hotel. Enjoy free breakfast, free WiFi,&  parking. .

Mount Feast Hotel

Mount Feast Hotel Naran

Mansehra - Naran - Jalkhad road Main Naran bazar,

The Ultimate Luxury Hotel with state of the art Hotel mount feast Naran  and stands apart for its luxurious furnishings and immaculate services.located on the main Chilas Naran road Naran

parhena Cottages naran

Perhena Cotteges Naran

Naran Main Chilas Road Bella Naran

The hotel location and view is excellent in sense of location, atmosphere and staff. The hotel is very away from noise and crowds. Its very good for family having nice garden in front of every room, have BBQ point.

Pine Park Luxury Resort Naran

Pine Park Luxury Resort Naran

Adress: Lake Saiful Muluk Rd, Katha, NaranKpk,

Pine Park Hotel and Resort is a 5-star hotel located at Naran with a facility of a garden. They offer the guests to explore the beautiful area of the North in luxury, comfort, and safety. The Pine Park Hotel & Resort is rated 4.2/5

Regal Inn Hotel Batakundi Naran

Regal inn hotel batakundi

Address: Babusar Road, After Batakundi Bazaar, Kpk

Regal Inn Hotel features accommodation in Batakundi Naran. Boasting room service,The hotel has family rooms. here is a great onsite restaurant for delicious meals of Pakistani cuisine. hotel is rated 3.9/5 on Google


Roomy Mountain Resort Batakundi

Address: Babusar Road, After Batakundi Bazaar, Kpk

Located in Batakundi, Naran, the Roomy Mountain Top Resort Batakundi is one of our most popular hotels. Away from the crowds of Naran, perched on top of a hill and with breathtaking 360° views as far as the eye can see


Rose Valley Hotel Naran

Jheel Saif ul Malook Road, Naran, KPK

Rose Valley Hotel is located in the heart of the city Naran. It is an extremely characteristic and lively area. There is a short walk distance to all sites  Hotel is rated 3.9/5 stars on Google stunning views, neat interior

Naran Royal Hotel

Royal Hotel Naran

Main Naran Bazar Chilas Rd KPKP

Royal Hotel Naran is a modern small hotel in the central Naran. The hotel is located at the foot of the Himalayan mountain range, rooms are hygienic with decent interior decoration & accessories to provide best services.

Saif ul Malook Hotel Naran

Saif ul Malook Hotel Naran

Main Naran Bazar Chilas Rd Kpk

located on Main Bazaar, Naran which is surrounded by the shopping centers. The popular tourist attraction, Lake Saif Ul Mulook is also close by. The Hotel also features an onsite restaurant that offers an Tastefully food

Sayyam Heights Hotel Naran

Sayyam Heights Hotel Naran

Jheel road Katha Naran kpk, 21200

Sayyam heights have more to offer with lavish rooms, playing area, scenic location, peaceful environment and excursions to valleys of Naran.t Sayyam hotel there is a choice of  Deluxe, family, luxury Suit Room.

Snow Crest Lodges

Snow Crest Lodges

Jheel Road, Snow Crest Lodges Naran KPK

Hotel has an ideal corner location with view of do dariya and peaceful nature on all three sides! In short, every room has a breathtaking view. Snow Crest Lodges is 7 minutes walk away from the famous city Bazar.

naran kaghan Luxury Tour

The Sarai Hotel & Resort Naran

Adress: Lake Saiful Muluk Rd, Katha, NaranKpk,

The SARAI Hotel & Resort is a great option in Naran valley . Its convenient location and luxurious amenities make it perfect for business and leisure travelers, adventurers, and nature lovers.Top Rated Hotel.

Hotel Trout Lodge Naran

Trout Lodge Naran

Saif-ul-Maluk Rd, Katha, Naran, Mansehra, Kpk

Trout Lodges Naran.located on the Saif ul Malook road catching the attention with its beautiful architect design.The hotel offers peace and tranquillity for the tourist who does not want to stay in noisy areas

Zeb Lodges Naran

Zeb Lodges Naran

Adress: Lake Saiful Muluk Rd, Katha, NaranKpk,

Zeb Lodges Located at Jheel Road Naran. Best Standard Family Hotel 18 bed room built in 4 lodges. Enjoy Pakora(Onion Bhuji) With stunning view of the Moutain with Jungle and Loud Flowing river from zeb lodges

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