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Saudi One-Year Multiple Entry Business and Visit Visa

Saudi Arabia is transforming into a tourist destination, opening the doors of its UNESCO Heritage Sites, luxurious resorts, and vibrant culture. Under its tourism expansion scheme, it has also eased the visa process for various citizens, including Pakistani nationals. Saudi Arabia is a hit destination among the citizens of Pakistan, be it for Umrah, work, or tourism.

Earlier Saudi Arabia was opened only for religious purposes. Pakistanis had a tough time sorting all the documents and applying through a complex process to go for Umrah or Hajj. But as the landscape changed, now the Pakistanis can even avail of a Saudi Visit visa from Pakistan . With this new visa, Pakistanis can wander and stroll the streets of Saudi to explore its beautiful destinations and admire the country’s rich heritage.

The Saudi Arabia visa system has undergone various enhancements and modifications, according to which, a Pakistan citizen does not need a physical visa sticker on their passport. It is one of the eVisa-approved countries, and so the nationals can get an eVisa with a QR code. This code will contain the required information of the visa and the holder

Crossing an economy of USD 1 trillion, the Kingdom is now in the race for emerging tourist destinations and new venture investments. Also, with the introduction of a more open and accessible Saudi Arabia visa system in recent years, people can now easily apply for visas. So, for frequent travellers to this country, here is an outline of Saudi multiple-entry visa application requirements and processes.

What is a Multiple-Entry Saudi Visa?

A multiple-entry Saudi visa is a type of visa that allows the holder to enter the country numerous times, at their convenience, during the valid period. With this visa, the applicant can exit and enter Saudi Arabia multiple times for tourism, family visits or business requirements.

The multiple-entry Saudi visa is valid for 365 days from the date of issuance. Visitors can stay for 90 days in a stretch, i.e., per entry. In specific cases, this can also be extended for 180 days more. This visa benefits individuals who need to make regular trips to the country within a specified period. The purpose of your visa will be determined when you apply, and you should abide by the rules and restrictions associated with it.

While the Saudi Arabia multiple-entry visit visa allows you to visit the country for leisure trips, cultural exchange, sports exchange, academic meets or family visits, the business visa allows you to participate in business conferences, meetings and events, sign a contract, set up a business or indulge in other professional works.

Saudi visit visa for Pakistani price

Apply for a Saudi visit visa from Pakistan at the best price 2024. for a multiple-entry tourist visa  for 3 months and 1 year that is valid 90 days from the date of issuance, with a 90-day stay allowed per visit. Here are the multiple-entry visa fee details, along with their validity.

Visa TypeVisa Fees (10 to 15 Working Days)
1 yearPKR 140,000
Visa TypeVisa Fees (10 to 15 Working Days)
3 MonthPKR 70,000

How to Get a Saudi Multiple-Entry Visa from Pakistan?

The most convenient method to apply for a Saudi Arabia multiple-entry visa is to contact our verified visa agents. Our 24/7 available team members guide you through the complex visa procedure and documentation, explaining the rules in the simplest terms. Our Saudi visa application steps are as follows:

  • Submit your duly filled application form and documents to our team through mail. We will assist you in filling out a zero-error form for quick acceptance.
  • Pay the required visa fees through any preferred options from the multiple payment gateways.
  • Once the payment is done, we reach out to the Embassy/ Consulate for visa approval.

You will soon get the approved visa document in your registered mail id. You may contact us to check the Saudi multiple-entry visa status.

Requirements for Saudi Arabia Multiple-Entry Visit Visa

  • Passport: An original passport valid for six months with at least two unused pages.
  • Application Form: A visa application form must be completed with the correct and accurate details. It will ask for your personal info, tour details and other relevant inputs. You must recheck to see if the application form is duly filled.
  • Photographs: 2 Passport-sized photos with white background. It should be recently clicked and abide by the correct photo size guidelines.
  • Proof of Sufficient Finance: There must be enough evidence, such as bank statements, proof of assets and salary slips, to justify your financial independence and that you have enough funds to cover your entire stay without facing any monetary difficulties.
  • Relationship Proof: In the family visit visa, it is vital to show proof of the relationship between the applicant and the inviting party residing in Saudi Arabia.
  • Health Insurance: Anyone travelling to Saudi Arabia has to mandatorily get medical insurance from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s legalised providers. Once your visa is processed, the provider’s details will be given to you..

Additional Documents Required for Saudi Arabia Multiple-Entry Business Visa

In addition to the above-mentioned documents, you might be asked for the following documents for the Saudi Arabia business visa:

  • Invitation Letter: A business invitation letter verifying your purpose of visit must be submitted. It will include the date of travel and details about the person or organisation extending the invitation.
  • Sponsorship Letter: Show a letter written by someone ready to sponsor your trip to Saudi Arabia.
  • Cover Letter: Present a business cover letter with a company seal on it. It will provide detailed information about the applicant’s business trip to Saudi Arabia.
  • Registration Letter: A copy of the registration of the Saudi Arabian company that you will work with stating that the firm is valid and legal. It is also called a Business Incorporation Letter.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be asked to provide additional documents, such as a no-objection certificate from your employer or educational institution.

Saudi Arabia Multiple-Entry Visa Processing Time

The standard processing time for a Saudi Arabia multiple-entry visa from Dubai is 5-7 working days. This time could vary depending on the complexity of the trip, the nationality of the applicant and the season. Week off and public holidays are not considered in the visa processing time.

General Advice:

  • Visitors should stay in Saudi Arabia only within the visa validity duration.
  • This Saudi multiple-entry business visa does not allow you to work/ get a salaried job in the country.
  • Visitors must abide by the cultural norms and local laws and regulations.
  • There are countries which are exempt from getting a Saudi Arabia visa.

Multiple-Entry Saudi Arabia Visa Validity

The Saudi Arabia multiple-entry visa is valid for a year, i.e., around 365 days. The visa applicant can stay for 90 days for each entry with up to 4 re-entries.

Multiple-Entry Saudi Arabia Visa Extension

In case the visa holder wants to extend their Saudi Arabia stay beyond the regular 90-day duration, they can extend it twice (for 90 days each time). That means if the visitor has a legitimate reason to prolong their trip, they can stay up to 270 days with a visa extension. Developing the multiple-entry Saudi visa requires adherence to official departure laws. Also, ensure that you get the extension done before your visa validity expires.

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