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Hunza Tour Packages (Family & Honeymoon )

Hunza Tour Packages -Holiday, Honeymoon and Explore The Mountains

Hunza Tour Packages Explore and Get ready for an unforgettable journey with the Pak Tour Services  ! Enjoy breathtaking views of the Karakoram Mountains, experience the vibrant culture, and explore some of the most stunning natural scenery in Pakistan. With our all-inclusive package, you’ll get access to quality accommodations, transportation, and activities that make your Hunza trip hassle-free and fun! Don’t wait any longer – book your Hunza Tour Package from karachi-lahore and islamabad  today and get ready for an amazing adventure! See List of Hunza Hotels

Hunza Tour Packages from karachi lahore islamabad

Hunza tour packages – Navigate through a wide range of Hunza holiday packages with exciting offers at Pakistan Tour Services . Book customized Hunza vacation packages with discounts on early bookings.Get Holiday customized Hunza tour packages for sightseeing at cheap prices only on Pak Tour Services. Here, you will find various Hunza travel packages at a reasonable price for Family ,couples, honeymooners, corporate travelers, and group travelers. We provide a wide variety of packages with inclusions of the list of tourist attractions like Altit Fort, Fort Baltit, Attabad Lake, etc for your convenience during the Hunza trip. We have different theme packages prepared for various travelers like Hunza Tour  for couples, Hunza Tour for families, etc.Hunza Valley tour packages in 2023 are the selling travel plans.

Hunza Tour PackagesNo. of Days/NightsStarting Price /Cost
Hunza Family Tour Package7 Days/6 Nights180,000
Hunza Couple Tour Package6 Days/5 Nights160,000
Gilgit Hunza By Air Tour Package5 Days/4 Nights105,000
Hunza Skardu Tour Package8 Days /7 Nights240,000
Luxus Hunza Honeymoon Tour 4 Days/3 Nights210,000
Naran Hunza Tour Package10 Days/9 Nights280,000
Hunza Group Tour Weekend5 Days 4 Night 32,000

Hunza Tour

Hunza is a beautiful tourist destination located in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is a mountainous valley with stunning landscapes, high peaks, glaciers, and clear water streams. The best time to visit Hunza is from April to October when the weather is mild, and the roads are accessible.

The Agha Khan community of Hunza Valley

In Hunza Tour packages you got to explore the community of people living in Hunza. A term refers to people of Hunza Brusho means Hunzai People. These people are highly qualified and skillful people despite living in the remotest regions of the subcontinent. They spoke the Burushaski language and mostly settled in Nagar, Chitral, and Karimabad areas. During the Hunza tour, you will be amazed to see the traditional clothes, simple way of living, and their love towards their community.

Best Visit Places of Hunza

Hunza Valley is a picturesque valley located in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The valley has a number of attractions such as the Karimabad, Baltit Fort, Rakaposhi View Point, Altit Fort, Duikar View Point and many more. It is known for its breathtaking views, beautiful landscapes and its rich culture and heritage. This makes it an ideal destination for tourists who want to explore the beauty of nature while also learning about the traditional culture and lifestyle of the locals.

To plan a Hunza tour, you can start by researching the places you want to visit and the activities you want to do. Some popular tourist spots in Hunza include:

  • Karimabad:
  • Baltit Fort:
  • Altit Fort:
  • Attabad Lake:
  • Passu Glacier:
  • Pak China Boarder
  • Khunjrab National Park
  • Nagar and Hoper Valley
  • Shimshal Valley
  • Naltar Valley
  • Mountain View Lady Finger,Rakaposhi
  • Suspension Bridges

You can also plan activities such as trekking, mountaineering, camping, and photography during your Hunza tour. To make the most of your trip, it’s a good idea to hire a local guide who can help you navigate the area and provide you with valuable insights into the local culture and customs.If you are happy to explore the Northern parts of Pakistan, then Hunza tour packages from pak tour services  are your route to go! Give yourself a break to uncover yourself in the picturesque hills through our packages which have been booked by many tourists.

With a variety of amenities included in Hunza travel packages, you just have to choose the best option from a weekend extravaganza to a full-fledged tour of this encapsulating Valley of Hunza. Also, our Hunza packages are designed in such a way that you get the full authority to choose the number of days you want to spend on the trip to the places you want to visit.Holiday vacation trip with the family to Northern areas of Pakistan, #1 destination listed at Forbes is Hunza Valley which is available in Hunza Tour Packages.

best hotel in hunza

Famree Resort Hunza

Attabad lake Gojal,famary hotel & resort, Hunza Pakistan

Famree Resort and hotel "Located at the bank of Attabad wonderfull blue Lake" Just a few miles from Karimabad Hunza,near Hussaini Suspension Bridge, Passu Cones, Borit Lake and Pak China Border.

best hotel in hunza

Luxus Hunza Hotel-Hunza Hotels

Hunza, Gojal, Gojal, Aina Abad, Attabad, Gilgit-Baltistan

Luxus  luxury hotel is here to offer you a unique journey, creating with you memorable experiences of stay, relaxation and rejuvenation in Attabad, Hunza. Inspired by the endless blue colors of the sky and the lake.

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