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Mauritius Tour Packages from Pakistan

Mauritius Tour Packages for Honeymoon and Family

The compelling destination Mauritius has plenty to offer and therefore attracts thousands of tourists from all across the world. It is an ideal island holiday destination offering alluring tropical waters to its landscapes flanked by green sugarcane and it’s literally got something for everyone. Not an exaggeration!  Visitors are completely sold by peace and tranquility and it’s amidst natural beauty

Mauritius Tour and Trip  packages from Pakistan

It is unquestionably one of the most beautiful islands in the world as it is filled with areas of natural beauty. It lies within the tropics being located just north of the Tropic of Capricorn. It is officially known as the Republic of Mauritius So, basically, it is an island nation located off the southeast coast of the African continent in the Indian Ocean.famous American writer once wrote that “Mauritius was made first and then paradise, heaven was being imitated after Mauritius

Pak Tour Services provides a variety of tour packages from family tours to escorted Mauritius tour packages to honeymoon tours. Mauritius packages offer everything from plenty of shopping options, to nightlife and all the leisure activities that you look for. Hence, we can say that it is something for everyone to have an amazing holiday.  Check out Mauritius Packages from different  pakistan destinations: Mauritius tour packages from Lahore, Mauritius tour packages from Islamabad, and Mauritius tour packages from Karachi. Pak Tour Services  also offers a wide range of theme packages to Mauritius like honeymoon tours to Mauritius.

Mauritius Tour PackagesNo.of DaysPrice
Luxury Mauritius Honeymoon4 Days/3 Nights250,000
Dream Mauritius Honeymoonners5 Days/4 Nights230,000
Family Holidays Tour 7 Days/6 Nights210,000
Amazing Mauritius6 Days/ 5 Nights190,000

Places to visit in Mauritius

Mauritius, a sparkling crystal in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, will fascinate you. The contrast of colors, cultures, and tastes makes the island so charming that the scene is set for an unforgettable holiday. It offers some amazing places to visit in Mauritius, Be a part of it with our Mauritius trip packages

Casela World of Adventures

No matter with whom you are visiting Mauritius, it could be your family, friends, or your loved one; visiting Casela is a must. This park is beautiful, and it is an exciting blend of adventure, nature, and wildlife activities. It is perhaps the most expensive park in Mauritius and here the world feels like as if everything is so exciting and thrilling. It opened its doors in the year 1979, and from that day till today, it has been adding exciting activities to its playlist. But the main attraction here is you can walk with lions, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of visit. You will be guided by the experts here. Isn’t it super exciting?

Ile Aux Cerfs

Travelers from across the world come to Ile Aux Cerf’s beach in Mauritius to spend some leisure time with folks and friends. Mostly this place is jam-packed during the weekend; it can be fun if sand and sun will surely make a good combo for you. A cool and relaxing one among the coolest places to visit in Mauritius, it has some breathtaking lagoons too.

Chamarel Coloured Earth

On the off chance that you have been to Mauritius and have not been to this spot, have you at any point been to Mauritius? If you wish to witness something out of this world, visiting the Chamarel Coloured Earth is a must for you. This astonishing attraction has gained popularity over time because of the fact that it comprises sand of seven different colors which will leave you perplexed and shocked at the same time. The colors are not very prominent because of the tropical climate of Mauritius but if you mix the colored earth, you will be able to see a remarkable difference. The predominant colors you notice include red, black, purple, and cyan.

Things to do in Mauritius

Mauritius is a stunning island nation off the southeast coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.  The nation comprises of Rodrigues and Mauritius Islands as well as the outer islands, which are all part of the Mascarene Islands. With wonderful white sand beaches, dramatic blue water, mountains, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and so much more packed in one country, you won’t run out of things to do in Mauritius!
  • Try Casela Natural Park Segway tour

Enjoy 1 hour trip on a Segway at the 4500 hectare of the Mauritius Yemen natural reserve park, situated on the southwest of Mauritius. This tour is an exceptional travel experience on the modern Segway transporter while discovering the beautiful nature and wildlife of the Yemen reserve safari park. The park is home to herds of Java deer, zebras, ostriches, monkeys, and the fruit bats.
  • Go hiking to Black river peak

The Black River top is a piece of the Black River range and is the most astounding heap of Mauritius at 828m. But then you can achieve its summit effectively for a most remunerating perspective of the environment. There are different ways through which you can reach the top. But, spend a beautiful day away from the beach crowds at this spectacular area of rain forest on Mauritius. This hike offers beautiful views over Chamarel in the St, Denis valley, the hills above the Colored Earth.
  • Scuba dive in blue bay Marine Park

Situated in the south-east of the island, Blue Bay is proclaimed a national park in 1997 preceding being assigned as a wetland site under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance in 2008. The marine park is eminent for its astounding coral greenery enclosure, which harbors several assortments of corals and its inexhaustible fauna. Near the coastline, the site offers perfect conditions for swimming with a rich biodiversity just as quiet and shallow ocean water.
  • Relish Mauritian Rum

Regardless of whether you know it or not but rather Mauritius rum is assuming control over the world with its engaging variations, for example, dim, spiced and light. The island, being acclaimed as the world’s biggest exporter of the results of sugarcane is a worldwide player with regards to rum. Rum Arrange (injected rum) is an astounding decision in the locale, and thus, we encourage you to pick according to you taste from a scope of organic products which are mixed in the rum.
  • Relish Mauritian Spas

You simply cannot run short of romantic things to do in Mauritius and relishing a spa treatment definitely tops the charts. Spa treatment is also one of the best things to experience in Mauritius. It’s a two- three hour soothing experience that will get you started for the upcoming insights of your trip. Just treat and pamper yourself with this relaxing spa treatment and make your holidays worthwhile.
  • Enjoy the coastline on a leisurely Yacht Cruise

Living in style, going in the most lavish vessels and getting a charge out of a genuine VIP cruising journey understanding, this is the thing that it is about. Mauritius Attractions offers top determination of yacht contracts and cruising trips in the richest cruising vessels working in Mauritius for you to appreciate and life-changing VIP style yacht trip understanding.

Best time to visit Mauritius

Mauritius has a tropical climate and undoubtedly it is a year-friendly destination. However, depending on what you want to do, here’s a monthly breakdown of Mauritius’s climatic conditions so that you can plan when to go.  The island fascinates travelers with the contrast of the colors, tastes and culture that make the island charming, thus offering a memorable trip. Being a tropical holiday destination, Mauritius has very good weather all around the year to welcome the tourists
Being one of the most beautiful islands blessed with natural beauty, it is the best place for newlyweds to enjoy their time. The best time to visit Mauritius for honeymooners is between the months of May and December. Visit some of best beaches, sample fresh seafood, and enjoy sun-drenched days on a Mauritius holiday. The island has hot, wet, and humid summers and warm, dry winters. Calm and pleasant sea from November to April is ideal for scuba diving and deep-sea fishing while the best waves for surfing in Mauritius are from June through August, which is also the peak season in Mauritius
best Mauritius tour package from pakistan

Relax on stunning beaches, hike through  national parks and stand on top of mountains overlooking sparkling lagoons.Mauritius is so much more than its beaches, so immerse yourself in culture, learn about  history & feel the rhythm.

Mauritius Tour Packages

Honeymoon in Mauritius is extra special and perfect for couples who want to combine beautiful resort beaches with adventure activities . You couldn’t ask for a more spectacular spot to toast to your new life together.

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