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Turkish Airline Ticket Booking

Turkish Airlines operates with two main classes i.e. Economy and Business Class. In economy class, you can discover the privileges at affordable prices. Furthermore, in business class, this airline is exceptional in its hospitality with in-flight entertainment system and comfortable seatings.

Major Country & Cities

As the flag carrier of Turkey, this airline has its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. It flies to more than 300 destinations in 122 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The airline also manages cargo traffic to 82 destinations in its 20 cargo aircraft.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Price

This airline is suitable if you want to travel internationally. Turkish Airlines fares vary according to your destination and the day of Booking. You can find the rates and amazing travel deals through Bookme.pk. Moreover, you can compare the prices to get the best.

Turkish Airlines Online Booking from top cities of Pakistan

You can get amazing discounts on your online bookings. Turkish Airlines is one of our trusted partners and we offer quality booking service to all our Turkish Airlines customers. Book your Turkish Airlines tickets online through bookme.pk website and mobile app.

How to Book Turkish Airlines Tickets Online?

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance

For a domestic flight, passengers are asked to do check-in within 1 hour before the departure and 2 hours before the departure of an international flight. The check-in departments also close 60 minutes before the domestic flight’s take-off and 75 minutes before the departure for international flights. If the baggage weight detects higher than the allowed weight, then you’ll be charged extra.

Here the Turkish Airlines baggage allowance for both the international and domestic flights:

ClassCarry-on BaggageCheck-in Baggage
Business2 pieces, 8 kg (each piece)2 pieces, 32 kg
Economy1 piece, 8 kg2 pieces, 23 kg
Infant Passenger baggage allowance1 piece, 8 kg1 + 1 collapsible baby carriage/buggy, 23 kg

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