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Explore Ghizer Phander Valley's Tour Program

Valley of Ghizer :1 Phander valley  It is well known for being a trout fish. The natural beauty of the different places of Phander attract peoples towards itself.2;Gupis Valley is a junction between Yasin and Phundar valley and is a crossroad between Gilgit and Chitral via the Shandur Pass.3:Ishkoman Valley is located north of the district Ghizer and shares its border with Afganistan and Pamir Wakhan Corridor.Ghizer valley tour package plan

Day 01: Pickup from Islamabad drive to Naran Over night at hotel

Day 02: After Breakfast drive to Ghizer Valley via Gilgit Over Night At Hotel.

Day 03: After a breakfast Exlore ghizer Valley Over Night at Phander Valley

Day 04: Full day Excursion to Shandur pass Over Night at Hotel

Day 05 :Full Day Tour to phnader Valley Over Night at Hotel

Day 06: Drive to Naran on arrival check in hotel 

Day 06 :Drive to Islamabad drop at your location  End Ghizer valley tour package

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Best Tourist Places in Ghizer Valley

Tucked away in northern Pakistan, Ghizer Valley tour package offers an astonishing blend of dramatic landscapes and rich cultural heritage. But it’s not just about the untamed peaks or the turbulent rivers, there’s far more to this hidden gem than meets the eye. The ecosystem here is a delightful cocktail of verdant deodar forests, shimmering blue lakes, and lush green fields dotted with unique wildlife such as snow leopards and Siberian ibex.

Venture a bit farther into Phander Valley, often dubbed as ‘Little Kashmir’, to surrender yourself to intoxicating natural beauty unrivalled by any other. Crystal clear emerald-infused lakes mimic surreal paintings against the backdrop of serrated mountains. For those who seek solace in solitude, these high-altitude paradises like Shandur Lake offer respite far from urban chaos. Find Out Hotels in Ghizer Valley

Experience one of mankind’s oldest team sports at Shandur Pass – Polo. This sport has thrived amidst these elevations for centuries and witnessing a match here is like stepping back in time when kings ruled and valor was worshiped. Glancing over polo players on horseback under the shadowy caress of towering peaks is truly an experience that connects you fundamentally with Ghizer’s untold past and vibrant present. Check out domestic packages.

Khalti Valley

Khalti Lake is an artificial lake was formed due to stretch of river near the village of Khalti. The dark blue waters of lake during summer look very charming. The lake usually freezes during winter, it becomes crystal-clear and villagers of Khalti use to walk on it.

Phandar Valley

A twisting road passing through lush green fields & forests with a view of flowing river and icy peaks will lead you to this Phandar valley. From springs of crystal clear waters to lakes & rivers of deep blue water, there are all colors of nature’s beauty.

Hundarap Valley

Hundarap is a small beautiful village to the west of Phander. Hundarap Lake is famous for trout fishing and is a good camp site which has been selected as high altitude wetland by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Langar Valley

A magnificently beautiful valley surrounded by mighty mountains and filled with numerous streams. The valley great spot for trout fishing and camping, especially during the summer season.

Yasin Valley

Another most spectacular scenic valley of Ghizer is Yasin just 137 km from Gilgit and 62 km from Gahkuch. Its attractive villages carefully cultivated fields’ orchards offering to the visitors a blend of life time experience in remote valleys of Hindukush.

Ishkoman Valley

The Ishkoman valley is known as the Hub of glaciers and trekking routes 102 km away from Gilgit and 29 from Gahkuch. There are some scenic locations for camping and sightseeing i.e.

Punial Valley

Punial Valley is most beautiful and scenic part of District Ghizer 37 Km away from Gilgit. Gakuch the Capital of District Ghizer is situated in this Valley. The Punial valley is known as the Fruit Basket and also have the potential archeological sites.

Chilinji Ann and Qalander Uween

The Chilinji Ann (5106 m), and the Chilinji Ann North, known as Qalander Uween (5220m). Qalander means “ an ascetic wonderer” in Urdu and Uween a “pass” in Wakhi. The east sides

Kargah Buddah

Kargah Buddha is an archaeological site located about 6 miles (9.7 km) outside of Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is a carved image of a large standing Buddha in the cliff-face in Karghah Nala.The carving, which is in a style also found in Baltistan, probably dates to the 7th century.

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