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TOUR HIGHLIGHTED : Arrival In Lahore or Islamabad  Taxila Buddhist States &University Sites -Swat-Takhat-Bhi  Ruins Peshawar

5-day Pakistan Express Tour - Islamabad Lahore Rohtas Fort Taxila

This  private tour Pakistan permits you to uncover a mix of ancient and modern aspects of this great nation. We will visit Taxila, the ancient Greco-Buddhist ruins. You will also get familiarized with and visit Lahore, the cultural hub of Pakistan.

Day 01 – Islamabad/Lahore  Meet on arrival transfer to hotel ,after check in some time for a rest then start a tour A short Visit of  City Tour over night at hotel.

Day 02 – After breakfast  Drive to Taxila  in Taxila Museum,  we will brief you about the Taxila heritage sites and the excavated sites of the Buddhist Universities at Sirkap and Jaulian. Overnight in Islamabad .

Day 03 Drive to Lahore on the way we will visit kalar kahar and world second largest salt mines in khewara .after explore we will resume our jurney to lahore or arrival check in hotel

Day 04 – After breakfast we will start lahore tour first visit to lahore museum and explore old lahore city famous tourist places Lahore fort ,masque , and old bazar after visit check in at hotel

Day 05 -Drop airport for your international flights.

Lahore Islamabad Tour Attractions

Lahore has a very rich tradition of commercial activity and it is full of interesting Colors of  Culture History, markets and bazaars, including the Anarkali Bazaar, Liberty Market,s.Mughal Empire embellished the city for over two centuries by beautifying it with palaces, gardens, monuments and mosques. The British Raj also indulged in by improving the city by endearingly blending the Mughal, Gothic and Victorian styles of architecture. Hotels in Pakistan

  • The Royal Fort, which is listed as World Heritage Site, was built by Mughal Emperor Akbar who held his court in there from 1584 to 1598. Rectangular in shape, it is ringed by a wall containing 12 gates. Every succeeding Mughal Emperor, as well as the Sikhs, and the British added a pavilion, palace, gate or wall to the Fort increasing its grandeur.
  • The Imperial or the Badshahi Mosque was built by Emperor Aurangzeb in a record time of two and a half years. It is said to be the largest mosque courtyard in the world for outdoor prayers.
  • Another World Heritage site is the Shalimar Gardens spread over 42 acres. This historic relic is very well preserved and is used for holding state receptions.
  • Wazir Khan’s Mosque, Sunehri Masjid or Golden Mosque, Maryam Zamani Mosque named after Emperor Akbar’s Queen, and Dai Anga Mosque are important historical points of Lahore.
  • The Mausoleum of Emperor Jehangir and his Queen Noorjahan was built in 1637. It is surrounded by a spacious garden. The tomb of Asif Khan, Jehangir’s brother-in-law and father of Shah Jehan’s beloved Queen Arjumand Bano (interred in the famous Taj Mahal) is on the opposite side of the mausoleum and its dome looms over the top of the mosque-Places to visit in Lahore

Islamabad Taxila Tour

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, located against the backdrop of Margalla Hills is lush, green, spacious and serene. The city was conceived in 1960 and became operational in 1966.Islamabad is a meticulously planned city with wide tree-lined streets, elegant public buildings, and well-organized bazaars. Roses, jasmine, bougainvillaeas fill the parks and scenic viewpoints provide the city with its lustrous look

Islamabad Archaeological Museum presents a long history of Pakistan revealing it to be a seat of the world’s leading civilizations from time immemorial. It contains proofs of prehistoric existence such as 20-million-year-old fossil remains, 2-million-year-old man-made stone tools, 7000-year-old early human settlements, which led to the world-famous Indus Civilization, Gandhara Grave Culture and Gandhara Art, early Islamic settlements, Sultanate and Mughal period and their art and craft.

Shah Faisal Mosque, named after King Feisal of Saudi Arabia is the crown jewel adorning the city spread over 1,89,705 square meters with 88 meters high minarets and 40 meters high main prayer hall. The main prayer hall can accommodate 10,000 persons while the covered porticos and verandahs can take over 24,000 worshipers.

Rohtas Fort, located 109 km southeast of Islamabad, is one of the most impressive historical monuments built by Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri, in 1540 serving as a huge fortified base for military operations.

Hasan Abdal, 48 km from Islamabad, was frequented by Mughal Emperors on their way to Kashmir. It houses the Sikh sacred place Gurdwara Panja Sahib having a sacred rock with the handprint of Guru Nanak and is visited by Sikh pilgrims twice a year

Taxila Buddhism Sights Tour

On this tour, you will visit:The great centre of Buddhist learning at Taxila with its unique combination of Hellenistic and Oriental religious art… innumerable specimens of Buddhist art and sculpture including the famed Dharmarajika stupa which contained a relic of Buddha; and Gandhara, the ancient site in Peshawar Valley where Buddhism flourished for 900 years.

Khewra Salt Mines

The world’s second-largest salt mine, said to have been discovered by Alexander the Great’s horse

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