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Seasonal Special Festivals Pakistan Tours

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Rama Festival

In Astore district of Gilgit Baltistan, Rama Polo Festival has stared from  September 17 to September 20, . Polo teams of different districts of GB will participate in the festival.Rama Lake is a lake near Astore in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. It is on the top of the

Shandur Polo Festival

Shandur Top (3,700m) located in District Ghizer of Gilgit-Baltistan . Shandur-Top in Ghizer is often called the ‘Roof of the World’ where the Hindukush in Gilgit-Baltistan, between Afghanistan and Gilgit- Baltistan and Karakorum mountainous ranges of Gilgit


Kalash Festival

One of the major attractions of Pakistan Cultural Festivals are Kalash Valleys Festivals. The Kalash Valleys of Rumbur, Bunboret and Birir are within Chitral in the North-West Frontier Province, near Nuristan in Afghanistan.

Hunza Blossom Festival

Among the tourists Northern Pakistan is famous for its cherry blossom season.In March April and May the valley is full of flowers, and Panoramic view across the Hunza Valleys incorporate three snow capped peaks over 7,000 meters (Rakaposhi 7788Mtrs

Seasonal Tours


We feel pleasure to introduce blossom tours in the Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan through our company. However nature stays longer with its beauty, without any comparison, when this is an autumn in the unbelievable area of God given natural beauty, you can

imagine, how it will be the contrast. Among the high snow capped mountains, beautiful landscape, when there is autumn, there is a paradise and there is people who intend to see these paradise, when there is a folk music in this paradise, it gives you a full of joy and full of entertainment Oh, Yes.
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The fabulous valley of Hunza is one of the most popular destinations in Pakistan among tourists, photographers and painters. The Valley offers extremely different panoramas in different seasons. Summer is green and spring is white, pink and purple while in

autumn the whole valley turns into red, yellow and orange.To enjoy the color contrast of the valley the grandeur of mountains, we have designed a year round itinerary. You are invited to experience the splendours of the stunning panoramas and to enjoy the traditional hospitality of the Hunzakuts.
In March and April the view of Baltistan and Hunza valley is incredible, though it remain spectacular throughout the year. The best time of year to visit Hunza and Baltistan is April to October. From spring to autumn the valley is more attractive, all three fabulous seasons have their own unique charm, which cannot be described in words but can only be felt. In the spring season the field and orchards come alive with blossom of different natural colours in the villages.
Spring being the beginning of season usually from early April welcomes you to the Northern Areas. Hunza & Nagar in Blossom present an aesthetic panorama. The lush green terraced fields surrounded by blooming trees and the village itself guarded by snow bound sky kissing mountains displaying scene enough to overwhelms visitors. Moreover, besides the appealing vistas, the fragrance emanating inthe villages add charm to the visual beauty. This breathtaking tour in beautiful spring in the north gives you the huge variety of natural splendors. This panorama can be seen throughout in the North along the KKH and off the road.
Start it from Gilgit, the capital of Northern Areas. When you arrive in Gilgit you will feel that you are somewhere you need to be in spring. Bagrot valley in Gilgit is at around an hour drive famous for its panoramic outlook in spring and summer. Kargah Buddah in the tiny Kargah valley is about 20 min drive from the city. It is more famous for the carved Buddha in a rock about 10 meters from the pathway. Proceed further to Hunza. Karimabad is about 90 km from Hunza and usually takes 3 hours but with repeated cessations on the viewpoints could prolong the journey double as longer up to Hunza. You will stay in Hunza even if you never liked to do that. Drive further to upper Hunza for added beauty, hit the Khunjarab Pass (The highest border linking China and Pakistan at an elevation of 4737m) and start the journey back. You can spare a day to visit Nagar valley off the KKH opposite Hunza valley. You can drive up to the Hoper Glacier flowing down by the valley with picturesque mountains in the surroundings.
Hunza Valley is known to be the most enchanting valley in the world. It is sometime referred to as the Shangri La of the Lost Horizon. The beautiful valley with neat sleepy villages, whispering streams, colorful orchards and vast glacier are surrounded on all sides by some of the greatest mountains in the world. The ancient villages of Hunza valley known as Altit & Baltit or Karimabad are situated on the slope of the magnificent 7400 m high Ultar Peak. On the opposite side of the Hunza State rises the most beautiful mountain in the region, the 7788 m high Rakaposhi. There are dozens of high peaks around the vast Batura and Hispar glaciers. This valley with bewitching beauty lies on the ancient Silk Road to China. The Hunzakuts are known for their unique culture and language. The wonderful fairy tale from their shamanistic past sheds light on the mysterious past of these wonderful people.

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