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Pia Ticket Booking from Islamabad-Lahore Karachi to Domestic and Internationals Destinations

PIA offers air tickets in several classes depending upon the commuter. PIA offers air tickets in Economy, Executive Economy, and Business class. Each travel class in PIA flights offers some unique amenities to commuters. The interior and type of seat can also change according to the travel class on a PIA flight. Different travel classes are available on both PIA domestic and international flights. Some common domestic routes for which PIA offers air tickets in three classes are:

  • Pia Karachi to Islamabad Flight
  • Pia Karachi to Lahore Flight
  • Pia Islamabad to Karachi Flight
  • Pia Lahore to  to Karachi Flight
  • Pia Islamabad to Quetta Flight

Some common international routes for which PIA offers air tickets in seven classes are as follows:

  • Pia Islamabad to Abu Dhabi -Dubai Flight
  • Pia Lahore to  Dubai  Flight
  • Pia Lahore To Baku Flight
  • Pia Islamabad To Istanbul Flight
  • Pia Karachi to Jeddha  Flight
  • Pia Karachi to London Flight
  • Pia Lahore To Jedha Flight

PIA Ticket Price 

Route Cheap price Peak season price Today’s ticket price
Karachi to Islamabad Rs 19,828 Rs 29,980 Rs 29,980
Lahore to Dubai Rs 58,500 Rs 68,507 Rs 58,500
Lahore to Karachi Rs 18,721 Rs 20,000 Rs 18,721
Islamabad to Dubai Rs 58,877 Rs 70,787 Rs 58,877
Karachi to Jeddah Rs 71,033 Rs 118,259 Rs 118,259

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