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Biafo/Hispar Gilgit Baltistan Glaciers Trek

The Longest Glacial Trekking on the Earth

Pakistan is the playground for adventure lovers. Biafo and Hispar glaciers are among the longest glaciers apart from the snow lands of the two poles. Both glaciers together make the longest glacial traverse in the world connecting the ancient mountain kingdoms of Hunza & Nager with Baltistan. A rarely taken wilderness hike with clean campsites has a huge potential for skiing in spring and trekking in the summer. The trek can either start at Askoli in Baltistan or Hispar in Nager. Starting our walk from Askoli, we hike on Biafo Glacier and arrive at the vast bowl of snow called as Snow Lake, which covers an area of 77 square kilometers. Geologists and other experts have measured the depth of the glacier to be as deep as one and a half kilometers (about one mile) at points. The great explorers have mentioned the area in their accounts while Tillman witnesses the presence of a mythical creature Yeti as he saw the footprint of the beast around Snow Lake. Hispar Pass is a vast plateau of snow and ice from where trekking routes lead to Nagar, Central Hunza, and Shimshal.  Even after crossing the Hispar La (Hispar Pass) at an altitude of 5151m/16,998ft, trekkers still negotiate several glacier tails flowing down from the mountains. The reward of this effort is the green and lovely campsite before arriving in Nagar and then drive to Hunza Valley. This strenuous trek has many stories about it that tell us of the ethnocultural link between the Burusho of Hunza and Nager and the Baltis of erstwhile Shigar state.

Trip Summary:
Islamabad-Skardu-Askoli-Snow Lake-Hispar-Karimabad Hunza-Gilgit-Islamabad

Best time:                                   June to August

Maximum Altitude:                    5151 meters

Trek Grade:                                Strenuous


Trip Duration:
22 nights/23 days (8 hotel nights & 14 camping nights)

Tour Itinerary

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