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Tour Highlighted: Karachi-Islamabad-Lahore- Skardu-Shiger Fort -Khaplu Fort -Deosai-Astore- Cold Desert- Shangrila Lake-

Tour Itinerary : Skardu Tour Package By Air Or By Road Program

Day 1 Arriva In Skardu )

Fly to Skardu airpor  Pick up from airport by guide and/or driver Check in hotel One. then visit  to Shangrila Resort for tour.Visit Upper Kachura lake,Visit Skardu Bazaar or Kharpocho fort Skardu Overnight in hotel.

Day 2: Skardu – Excursion to Khaplu Valley (100kms/5-6hrs)

After breakfast we leave for Khaplu valley,  Crossing the River Indus and driving through a sandy land, we reach in green and fertile khaplu Valley. At khaplu, we will visit the old mosque and khaplu Fort residence. in evening and stay there for night.

Day 3: Khaplu– Excursion to Shiger Valley (100kms/5-6hrs)

After breakfast drive back to skardu visit Manthoka waterfall and then Visit shiger Fort Residence (Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan)a contrast of greenery as well as desert known as the Cold Desert Shigar.Over Night at Shiger Valley or Skardu hotel.

Day 4: Skardu – Excursion to Deo-Sai Plains (160kms/7-8hrs)

From Skardu, we move towards Deo-Sai stopping briefly at Satpara Lake. Then it is a constant climb to more than 4000 metres to reach the plateau. We shall stop at Bara Pani Bridge for tea break and try to reach Shausar Lake (depending upon weather conditions) before returning to Skardu.

Day 5 (Departure -Home )

Drop at Skardu AirportDeparture for Islamabad from Skardu airport

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Skardu Valley

Skardu is surrounded by dry rugged, snow-capped mountains and sand dunes. The place is famous for trekking and adventure spots. The near by Satpara Lake and Shangrila resort are attraction spots for tourists.

Satapara Lake

Satapara Lake is on the way of Deosai Plains. Raja Ali Khan is credited with the construction of an embankment around Satpara Lake to provide water to the settlements in Skardu and 2,636 meters from sea level.

Deosai Plane Skardu

There are endless gentle walks along the streams of the Deosai. There are several 4-6 day treks that lead to the plains from both Skardu (Burgi La & Shagarthang Valley) and Chilim Astore.

Askole K2 Base Camp

One of the main trekking of the Park, probably the most famous, is the K2 trek.From Skardu, hiking up the Baltoro glacier, with the logistic support of the local tour operators providing food and tents, it is possible to reach the K2 base camp, in 7/8 days.

Basho Valley

Basho Valley is located on way t of Skardu and on the way of Gilgit. The area is rich in fauna Trout fish available in Basho Valley (Sultan Abad) but fishing license is required from Fisheries Department Skardu.

Jarba So Lake

The picturesque Jarba So Lake is fed by crystal clear spring water. It is located just before the confluence of the Shigar and Indus River and provides a superb fishing, picnic, swimming and bird watching spot, particularly in summar. You can reach one h from Shigar by Jeep.

Arandu Valley

Arandu valley, at the Pakistan borders with Nuristan and Kunar provinces of Afghanistan has been one of Pakistan’s most inaccessible valley. Poor social indicators, crime and gender disparities are the bad characteristics of the valley.

Sarfaranga Cold Desert

The Cold Desert, also known as the Katpana Desert or Biama Nakpo, is a high-altitude desert located near Skardu, in Pakistan’s northern Gilgit-Baltistan region. The desert contains expanses of large sand dunes that are sometimes covered in snow during winter.


Khaplu Fort

Khaplu Fort also known as Yagbo Khar, is a fine example of a royal residence in Baltistan. Raja Daulat Ali Khan built it in 1840. An earlier fort existed 600 meters above the present location in Thogsi Khar, of which little now remains.

Thalley Valley

Thalley valley is one of the rare beauty spot it is about 50 km from Khaplu. The lush green valley and beautiful scenery is marvelous . Thalley broq is attractive place for camping and hiking.

Hushey Valley

Hushey is most attractive place to visit in district Ghanche. A chain of lofty peaks i.e Mashabrum ,K-6 , K-7 k-12 , Saltaro Kangri and many more light more than 7000 mtrs exist in this valley. Distance from Khaplu to Hushey is 42 km. This valley has potential for eco-tourism.

Kharfaq Lake

Kharfaq Lake is situated about 03 KM above Kharfaq Village on road to Khaplu is providing awe inspiring view. The fresh and crystal water lake is famous for trout fish and attractive location for camping and hiking. The lake is stocked with trout fish. One has to walk about two hours to reach the lake.


Manthokha Water Fall

Manthokha water fall is located on way of Kharmang. The area is rich in fauna and flora specially Trout fish is available in whole Valley. The picturesque Manthoka waterfall is fed by crystal water.

Khamosh Water Fall

Khamosh water fall is located in district Kharmang distance 55 km Mehdi Abad to Khamosh Waterfall. This waterfall is picnic point for tourism .The area is rich in fauna and flora specially trout fish is available in whole Valley.


Rama Valley

Rama is thickly forested valley with huge pine, cedar, fir and juniper trees. Rama lake is peaceful and beautiful lake located near Rama village. The lake is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Gilgit Balistan.

Minimarg Valley

A scenic beautiful valley close to the Indian border. Minimarg river flows through the valley and the area is covered with the grass slopes, thick pine forests, fertile fields, blue water streams, lush green grasslands and tiny colorful flowers.

Rupal Valley

Rupal Valley is located in the Astore District of Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.Rupal Valley is on the south side of Nanga Parbat, is accessed via the Astore Valley, which leaves the Karakoram Highway at Juglot 60km south of Gilgit.

Sheosar Lake

Sheosar Lake means ‘Blind Lake’, as ‘Sheo’ in Shina Language means ‘Blind’ and ‘Sar’ means ‘Lake’. (Also called Shausar Lake) is a lake situated in Deosai National Park The lake is at an elevation of 4,142 meters (13,589 ft) in the Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau alpine steppe.

Derlay Lake

Derlay Lake is situated in Derlay village in Rattu valley. The flood in early 2005 the fresh flood from green mountains chocked the main DerlayRiver and most of the village submerged into giant lake and it expended up to 6 km towards Gomay village.

Pershing Lake

PERSHING VALLEY (GUTUMSAR ALLAH WALI LAKE)Urdong is famous for the river view as*Allah* in local language it is known as*Allah Wali Lake* the people living in perishing are very cooperative and hard working. Pure nature mineral water and fresh vegetable and fruits are available in this town.

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