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TOUR HIGHLIGHTED : Arrival In Lahore or Islamabad  Taxila Buddhist States &University Sites -Swat-Takhat-Bhi  Ruins Peshawar

Buddhist pilgrimage & Holy Sites In Pakistan Tour Program -

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Buddhism was birth in Gandhara (Taxila), and it is a place of religious value for Buddhists around the world-Taxila Museum,  we will brief you about the Taxila heritage sites. Inside the museum, you will see the original relics of Buddha preserved. One important relic preserved is Buddha’s teeth; Thailand Embassy has helped in its preservation, and it is placed inside the museum where visitors can see it. Gandhara Arts and crafts are also kept in the museum. Most relics are brought to the Taxila museum from sites. Gandhara art focuses on the life stories of Buddha. Stone is craved very beautifully; it shows the Birth of Buddha, the Death of Buddha, phases of Buddha, including Fasting Buddha and Buddha in preaching pose.After visiting the museums, we will visit Taxila’s archeological sites, Dharma Rajika, Mohra Moradu, Sirkap, and Jaulian.Historical  then see Takht  Bhai Mardan. Takht  Bhai Mardan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its monastic site and unique stupa.

Day 01 – Islamabad/Lahore  Meet on arrival transfer to hotel overnight at hotel. Lahore Visit Lahore Museum to see the fasting Buddha, the greatest masterpiece of Gandhara sculpture, along with some rare

Day 02 – Afternoon Drive to Peshawar. Enroute visit Taxila Museum and the excavated sites of the Buddhist Universities at Sirkap and Jaulian. Overnight in Islamabad .

Day 03 Drive to Swat visit the magnificent monastery of Takht Bhai enroute. Buddhist history tour of Swat visit Butkara 1 & Butkara2 later visit the Museum of Swat and check in  hotel.

Day 04 – Morning Visit Peshawar Museum for a glimpse at the largest collection of Graeco-Buddhist Gandhara sculpture and the casket that carried the remains of Lord Buddha .Over night tcheck in hotel in Islamabad

Day 05 -Drop airport for your international flights.

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